1.1 The following general conditions of the contract establish the rules for the usage of the platform e-commerce www.onlynuts.ch (“website”) owned by ON Granite Swiss SAGL and thereby represent the order of the assortment merchandise of itself.

1.2 The assortment of commercialized products on www.onlynuts.ch is sold by ON Granite Swiss Sagl, via San Gottardo 77, 6900 Massagno.

1.3 The general conditions of the contract can be modified at any given moment; any customer/ user, therefore, is adviced to check those changes before proceeding to purchase the merchandize.

1.4 Above all, on any sale it will be applied the version of the general conditions of the current contract written on the date of the shipping order of the merchandise.

1.5 The general conditions of the contract are applied regardless of the nationality of the user.

1.6 Purchasing the products on www.onlynuts.ch is reserved solely through physical people who acts as consumers and that are older than eighteen (18) years old.

1.7 The purchase done through www.onlynuts.ch imply the full knowledge, awarness and acceptance, without reservation, of the general conditions of the contract.


2.1 The customer can select the assorted articles of the products of the platform e-commerce www.onlynuts.ch and compile them into ”basket”, by clicking on “add to basket”.

2.2 By clicking on the “checkout” the customer acknowledges his/her own action of the offer for the purchase of the merchandise that is found in the basket and agrees with the validity of the present general conditions of the contracts.

2.3 The confirmation of the order that will be automatically sent by e-mail guarantees that the customer’s order has been received by Only Nuts, however it does not constitute yet the acceptance of the user’s offer.

2.4 The complete agreement of the contract will be declared solely by the acceptance of www.onlynuts.ch, which will be sent by e-mail (order confirmation) to the customer.

2.5 In case the merchadise ordered is not available, www.onlynuts.ch is reserved to not accept the offer of the customer, therefore the complete agreement of the contract will not take place. The customer will not be informed through e-mail. The eventual payments already paid for the articles ordered will be reimbursed to the customers.

2.6 In the case there will be only partially the merchandise ordered, www.onlynuts.ch is reserved to accept the offer from the customer only related to the merchandise available, therefore only with this merchandise we will have formed a contract. The customer will be informed through an e-mail. The eventual payments already paid for the merchandise not currently available will be reimbursed to the customers.

2.7 If, after the agreement of the contract, for any reason there cannot be a partial or total shipping of the articles ordered caused by a major force or for reasons beyond ON Granite Swiss Sagl’s power, the company is authorized to withdraw partially or completely from the contract. The customer will be informed through an e-mail. The eventual payments already paid for those articles will be completely reimbursed to the customer, (in case of a total withdrawal) or with the reference of the article that cannot be shipped, (in case of a partial withdrawal). The customer cannot express any further complains.

2.8 The user, with the “form of login” filed, guarantees, under his/her exclusive responsibility: the truth and authenticity of the data requested for the activation of the service; being eighteen (18) years old already; and to act as a consumer.

2.9 To perfect every order the user must confirm the economical transaction of the payment of the price of the products found in the basket, so that, at the end of the selection of the products and the confermation of the data of the user, the website, (www.onlynuts.ch) will direct the user to the bank that will take care of the economical transaction.

2.10 The orders that do not register the corresponding economical transaction will be automatically deleted.

2.11 In case of a missed acceptance of the order, the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) will send right away the confirmation to the user, through an e-mail.

2.12 The user can, in some way, monitor the state of his/her order through selecting “My account” on www.onlynuts.ch .

2.13 The user, in any case, is responsible to always keep the order number given by the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) to communicate in any given situation with the seller.

2.14 The languages available for closing a sales contract through the website, (www.onlynuts.ch) are in Italian, English, French and German.

2.15 The user must, once done the transaction of the merchandise bought online, to keep the general conditions which, afterall, will have already seen and approved, which i salso an essential part and a must for the sale’s procedure.


3.1 The sale prices are the ones published online at the moment during the order and are intended with the IVA included, if applicable to the country where it will be shipped the product/s; the prices are expressed in the currency value of the countries shipping.

3.2 The prices shown in the online catalog can be changed at any moment without any notification of any type. So it is the responsibility of the user to make sure the final prices before submitting the purchase order.

3.3 The seller is entitled and (www.onlynuts.ch) can also apply different prices based on where the products/ merchadise will be shipped.

3.4 The payments of the products can be done only by using the following methods

– credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)

– PostFinance

– PayPal

– Bank Tranfer


4.1 The products are delivered, through conventional couriers, directly to the user, to the shipping address specified during the phase of order.

4.2 The website allows to request the shipment of the products to be shipped to a different location from the customer/ user, if the shipping address is within the same country of the customer/ user. It is the responsibility of the customer/ user to make sure to communicate with the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) where the merchadise will be shipped.

4.3 The fees and the methods of shipment can change based on the country and the method of shipments chosen by the user.

4.4 Said fees and every additional cost are charged to the user. The relative fees will be expressed and separately indicated in the bill, before the user will proceed to the payment, and also will be notified in the confirmation e-mail of the order.

4.5 At the moment when the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) gives the products to the courier, the user will receive an e-mail confirmation from the seller, in which there will be the name of the courier and the details of the shipment.

4.6 The shipping time of the products can vary based on the countries where they will be shipped and the methods of payment chosen.

4.7 In Switzerland the shipment is scheduled to be delivered within five (5) working days; the countries outside Switzerland the expected time can vary depending on the shipping methods available and are indicated at the end of the order.

4.8 Not all the shipping methods from the conventional couriers or the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) are available for all the countries in which is possible to buy online the products.

4.9 In Switzerland, and abroad, the procedure of the shipment includes that in case of physical absence of the customer/user during the delivery, the courier will leave a note, so that the next shipment can take place, in which there will be the details of the second shipment.

4.10 The user has always the possibility to verify the status of his/her order through, the registration on www.onlynuts.ch selecting ‘’My Account ‘’.

4.11 The delivery of the products is understood completed once the customer/ user, or a third party designated by the original customer, is physically given the products/ merchadise, at that very moment, like the law, the risk of the lost or the damaged of the products, caused by unknown reasons that is not the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch), is automatically tranfered to the user.


5.1 The customer/ user fully understands that when the products are delivered, it represents an obligation derived from the sale’s contract concluded with the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch).

5.2 in case of a missed delivery due to the absence of the customer/user after previous attempts of delivery done by the courier, the products/ merchadise will be at the courier’s office.

5.3 In an event in which the customer/user cannot pick up the products/ merchadise within the terms established by the courier, the package will be shipped back to the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch).

5.4 in case of the point 5.3, the contract will be resolved with a simple communication by the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) sent by e-mail to the user, and, therefore, the order will be canceled in all its effects. Within 15 days from the communication, the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) will, therefore, reimburse completely the customer/user for the merchandise ordered, minus the shipping expenses not included in the invoice bill. The shipping expenses to return the products to the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) and every other possible expenses that the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) could face caused by the missing shipment caused or caused by the willpower of the user to pick up the package/ products/ merchandise.

5.5 The reimbursement will be paid utilizing the same method of payment utilized by the user.

5.6 Subsequently after the comunmunication from the point 5.4, the customer/user that intends request the shipment of the products will have to make a new request once again for a new order.

5.7 The seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) has the right to refuse any order coming from the users that previously utilized and abused the clause from point 5.4 of the obligation to receive the shipment of the products.

5.8 At the time of receving the products, the customer/ user must verifies the conformity of the products in relationship of the order, paying attention, in particular to the following :

– the number of the order shown on the package from the courier corresponding to the number of the package effectively delivered.

– the package’s condition shall not be damaged, or somewhat manipulated.

Eventual abnormalities (such as: manipulation, damaged packaging) must be written directly on the shipping document of the courier, and the user must refuse the delivery.

5.9 In case the user will ignore the points mentioned above, and will accept a manipulated or damaged package during the shipping process of the products, the user him/herself cannot legally utilize the warrenty conformed to the products.


6.1 The user has the rights of withdrawal and will be able to exercise within 14 days in the moment in which the user, or a third party designed by the user, will acquires physically the products.

6.2 Before the expire date in which the article 9.1, the user will inform the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) of his/her decision to exercise his/her right of withdrawal. Doing so, the user can :

Utilize the model type of withdrawal attached to the shipment and send it through a signed mail or e-mail, to the shipping address already indicated on the form.

6.3 The termination of the withdrawal will be respected with the shipment of the communication of withdrawal BEFORE the expiration date of the withdrawal, like mentioned above.

6.4 Received the communication of the withdrawal, within the terms mentioned above, the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) will reimburse the user completely for the products purchased, except the costs of shipment right after the products will return to the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) to the address: ON Granite Swiss Sagl, via San Gottardo 77, 6900 Massagno.

6.5 The costs related to the return of the products will be at the expense of the user that exerices the withdrawal.

6.7 For the return of the products, the user can utilize the postal service or a courier that he/she prefers.

6.8 Every inherited risks of loss or due to damages of the products during the shipping to the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) for the refund will be at the expense of the user.

6.9 The products must be returned in the same packaging that was inititally utilized by the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) along with all the eventual documents, accessories, tickets, tags etc…

6.10 In the case of, received the shipment back, the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) would witness a dimished value of the products caused by the user, the seller, (www.onlynuts.ch) has the right


7.1 Every products sold by Only Nuts are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. To use the warranty the user will have to keep the receipt or the shipping document received.

7.2 Should the product presents a defect, not caused by humidity, damages from wear/ tear, wrong usage by the user, damages from modifications or changes on the product, the user through a written communication to ON Granite Swiss Sagl, via San Gottardo 77, 6900 Massagno can send back, at his/her expense, the product for an eventual repair/ substitution.


8.1 The user will be able to inquire at the following addresses any further infomation or assistance or to file complains :

ON Granite Swiss Sagl, via San Gottardo 77, 6900 Massagno.


11.1 For the protection of the data, please visit the section “Privacy and Cookie policy”.